Games of Thrones: 4 Management Lessons

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28 agosto 2017

Game of Thrones, the famous tv series is back for its Season 7, and the battle inflames. Not only fantasy, but also pure strategy for the most acute audience. Battles, conflicts, strategies, power and leadership. Behind the scenario of the famous tv serie,4 precious lessons in management

 Good Managers have good Plans

Managing a business can be definied strategically as the set of actions defined and coordinated by managers at various levels, to achieve business goals. Management takes care of designing, directing, and modeling organizational processes in order to align company actions to the set goals.

Petyr Baelish, well known as Littlefinger, is who knows more than anyone else in the Seven Kingdoms the importance of a managerial actions and plans.  Whether it is a political blackmail, organizing strategic marriage, or paving the way for becoming the Lorde Protector of the Wave, all its actions are the result of an articulated choice process that has the ultimate goal of seeking power. Littlefinger may have to change his strategy along the way, but this does not distract him from planning carefully actions that, in a multiplayer scenario, and therefore strongly variable, will lead him to achieve his goals.

Each action, has its own consequences

Decision-making is an art. A decision-making process involves the entire corporate structure, contemplating social, political, organizational choices, and requires tools and methods to identify among different alternatives, the one able to maximize benefits and reduce threats, allowing the company to achieve their economic goals.

A good manager must then be able to recognize limits and opportunities, have analytical and foresight skills to correctly evalute the effect of its choices.

Daenerys Targaryen is the most forward-looking character of the series. Releasing an entire legion of slaves, sweeping away all Dothraki Khals, designing a coup d'etat at King's Landing, are all decisions that have revealed significant consequences. Along her exile, the Queen of Meereen, had soon learn that the decision-making process requires a delicate balance between the good of all involved and the achievement of her goals. 

 Learn from your mistakes, or from those of others 

Innovation and improvement come from the constant monitoring of business choices and strategies adopted. Observing and analyzing the processes in action, good managers are able to further enhance their implementation capabilities to guide the organization towards its goals.

Among the characters of the famous series, the who has drawn many lessons from her own mistakes and limits, and those of others, is Arya Stark. She’s made a huge leap since the start of the series, a change occured when she left many aspects of her old life. 

 Be flexible

The fourth and last lesson is on the flexibility. In the managerial field, flexibility is a fundamental skill for a good manager. Be able to recognize the exact moment when switch toward new strategies, new processes or actions, means remain receptive to internal and external opportunities.

Flexibility requires of do not cultivate routine or dysfunctional habits, but educates on how to recognize the subtle line between a proper and functional process and a habit that is only partially effective and which we tend to repeat. To be flexible is necessary to be open to change when this seems more appropriate to the goals to be achieved o when the scenario is not at own favor.

Master of transformism and change is Tyrion Lannister. A character able to turn every situation, even the worst, to his advantage. An inexperienced warrior manages to destroy a large part of the enemy fleet in the Battle of Blackwater by fire. When he is captured by Jorah Mormont and delivered as a "gift" to Daenerys, he not only survives, but turns promptly into the lady's trust adviser.